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Pediatric Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

A pediatric dentist, like our skilled pediatric dentists at PDCA have specialized training after dental school that is specifically dedicated to the health of children from infancy to teen years. This thorough training allows our children’s dentists to provide the most comprehensive care for both regular dental needs as well as emergency dental needs.
Cost is tough to establish based on each indiviudal case. The best thing to do is to contact one of our convienient kids dental offices in Las Vegas to learn more.

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association, your child’s first visit should occur about six months after their first tooth erupts, but no later than your child’s first birthday.

We know it can seem a little young, but the first step in providing a healthy foundation for your child’s health is to find their dental home. The first appointment is about examining your child’s mouth, making sure everything is developmentally appropriate, and answering any questions you may have.

Appointments will vary from smile to smile depending on your child’s overall oral health. Typically the first pediatric dental visit lasts 45 minutes to we can ease your child into the appointment, assess their teeth, do a thorough dental exam, a deep teeth cleaning, and answer any questions. Appointments after the first visit for routine kid’s dental exams can last anywhere from 20-30 minutes depending on the cleaning process, exam, and other various factors.
The American Dental Association (ADA), the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), along with our pediatric dentists at PDCA recommend visiting a dentist twice a year for routine check-ups, exams, and professional cleanings.

Our Las Vegas pediatric dental office accepts most insurances including: 

  • Nevada Dental Benefits (Culinary)
  • United Health Care
  • Delta
  • Met Life
  • Aetna
  • Guardian

And many more

We like to be as conservative as possible when it comes to x-rays so we can minimize the radiation exposure that Las Vegas children receive in our office. We have safeguards in place like lead body guards to help protect your child during the x-ray process. Typically we will not take x-rays until your child has permanent teeth coming in. This is to have a clear view and understanding of the growth patterns of adult teeth. Of course, if we are dealing with developing orthodontic problems, it’s necessary to assess the development of the jaw and underlying tooth structures.
Sealants are typically seen in older children. This is a composite that our Las Vegas pediatric dentists use to protect the back teeth from cavities. It creates a strong barrier between the tooth and residual food. Fillings are used once a cavity is discovered. Fillings are the same color of teeth and are placed once the cavity is removed to save the integrity of the tooth and keep it functional and healthy. Crowns are typically used if a cavity is too large to be restored by implementing a filling. Crowns are a great way to help teeth remain protected from further decay.

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