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Our Family of Pediatric Dental Offices

Our office’s are dedicated to creating healthy smiles for a lifetime in Las Vegas.

At Pediatric Dental Care Associates in Las Vegas, we are proud to specialize in pediatric dentistry.


We truly believe in starting children off right when it comes to their dental health. It is our goal to ensure that each visit goes well so that they think of the dentist’s office as a good place. Our entire staff is wonderful with children, allowing them to relax while we care for their teeth.

Our dentists and staff have received extra training for primary teeth. Our goal is to protect your children’s teeth so they can eat and speak correctly. We will do whatever we can to help your children have the bright smiles they deserve.

We are also here for you, the parents. We know how important (yet hard) it is to take care of your children’s teeth. During your appointment, we will go over the care that you need to be providing at home and look for problems as well. If needed, we will work with your child’s pediatrician.

William F Waggoner, DDS, MS

Founder & Lead Pediatric Dentist

We value honesty & Integrity

Serving Infant to Teenagers

Everyone deserves a to smile

We want to help you find joy

Our pediatric dentist are highly trained to server children in a safe and compassionate manner

William F. Waggoner DDS., MS.

Founder, Pediatric Dentist

Marella Tagatac DDS

Dentist – Kids Dental Safari & Braces

Sharon Sokoloff DDS

Dentist – Galaxy Smiles

Executive Team

Lisa Antuna

Practice Administrator

Autym Antuna

Office Manager – Pediatric Dental Care Associates

Laura Escobar

Office Manager – Kids Dental Safari & Braces

Natalie Mallory

Pediatric Dental Care Associates

Vicki Barnett

Galaxy Smiles

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